Charm Beaded Wrap Bracelet | Boho | 100% handmade

Beautifulwrap bracelet with a large lapis stone.
Lapis improves sincerity and personal credibility. Increasing optimism reduces frustrations, fears or obstacles, develops bad habits and criticism facilitates. In addition, it creates new self-confidence and makes it easier to get rid of pressing burdens. However, lapis can also promote clarity, concentration and intuition. This healing stone also helps in building relationships and friendships.

Hematite gives Courage, Vitality and Vitality. With more spontaneity, independence, relaxation, and determination, your own needs will receive more attention. Hematite therefore contributes to the improvement of the quality of life. It also helps avoid misfortune or negative impact and frees up power reserves. Hematite can also help to identify mental organ diseases.
Turquoise can provide protection as it can warn of impending danger. It can enhance self-confidence, improve communication skills, promote vitality and self-confidence, thus leading to greater success contribute.

Howlith promotes a better lifestyle, removing obstacles and making it possible to better deal with new life situations . It makes your ownbehaviour more conscious and calms grumpypeople. In addition, it can make you more open-minded and bring you morecharm.

The Khalee Samo wrap bracelets are handmade Crafted from the highest quality materials, bringing you stunning pieces that match your style. After ordering your handmade wrap bracelet, you will come into possession of a truly unique handmade piece!
  • 100% handmade with love
  • Boho style bracelet
  • 3 different closure options to suit everyone
  • Length: approx. 83cm (wrapped bracelet)
  • Material: lapis, hematite, howlite, leather
  • Metal: zinc alloy
  • Every order comes in an exclusive Khalee Samo box including pouch

Each stone is unique and different from the others, please note that your stones will not look exactly like the picture.

Please note:
The delivery time is approx. 7-12 working days.

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