Amethyst Drop Necklace | Boho | 100% Handmade | VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL

The natural stone amethyst has special purifying abilities on the spirit. All superfluous thoughts and sensations are clarified by the amethyst. The concentration is thereby strengthened and the objectivity of thinking is promoted, whereby decisions can be made more quickly.

Perceptions as well as experiences can be better managed with the help of the amethyst. Learning difficulties, exam anxiety, sorrow or mourning can also be solved with the help of the amethyst. In addition, the amethyst soothes the mind and ensures a deep inner peace in the long term, as negative energies are dissolved.

The violet color of the amethyst however, inspires the fantasy because it releases blockages and inhibitions, which is special promotes the processing of conflicts through dreams during sleep.

TheKhalee Samo necklaces will be inHandcraftedmade from the highest quality materials, bringing you stunning pieces that fit your style. After you have ordered your Amethyst Teardrop Necklace, you will truly be in possession of aunique handmadepieces are coming!

  • 100% handmade with love
  • Boho style necklace with natural stone pendant
  • Length: approx. 30cm + 5cm extension
  • Pendant size: approx. 4.3cm
  • Material: ribbon, amethyst, wire
  • Metal: zinc alloy
  • Every order comes in an exclusive Khalee Samo box including pouch


Each stone is unique and different from the others, please note that your natural stone will not look exactly like the picture.

Please note:
The delivery time is approx. 7-12 working days.

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