Pisces Zodiac Plate Necklace | with constellation | Waterproof

Fish never come alone.

Those born in the zodiac sign Pisces (Latin: Pisces) are born between 02.20. and 20.03. came to our earth. The element of Pisces is water.

People under this zodiac sign often represent depth of soul and are very understanding as well as forgiving.

What also sets Pisces apart is their courage and their search for experiences that push their limits to set new ones. You always go out of your comfort zone and no challenge is big enough for you.

Secure your plate chain with your constellation to gain your power.
  • Waterproof, does not fade
  • 18K gold plated
  • Metal: 316L stainless steel
  • Length: approx. 41cm + 6.5cm extension
  • Chain Type: Link Chain