Elemental Elements

Creating a better world. That's been what drives us at Khalee Samo for years. Leaving a positive footprint on the world is not only what drives us, but also many other people.

We want to take over with and for you!

We are a team of very world-conscious and spiritual people. When we asked ourselves the question what can we do for the world, two thoughts immediately came to mind:

  • Plant trees
  • Cleaning the Seas

We then went a little further, we're quite good at that, how we can make it big and inspire people to join our mission.

And the project Elemental Elements was born.

The thought:
There are 4 elements and we humans feel drawn to these elements, one more than the other, as you surely know about yourself.

Each element represents something special and unique. We have therefore decided to start this project as part of Khalee Samo.

We start with the elements:

  • water
  • Earth

So part of the profits from the Elemental Elements Collection will be used to clean up the seas and plant new trees. So that we can give back to the world we live in.

If you also want to be a part of the Elemental Elements movement and want to support us, please click on the link below and come to the Elemental Elements collection.