Sagittarius Zodiac Plate Necklace | with constellation | Waterproof

The Optimistic Archer.

Those born in the zodiac sign Sagittarius (Latin: Sagittarius) are between 23.11. and 21.12. came to our earth. Archer's element is fire.

They are True Visionaries. Sagittarians are bursting with energy and a thirst for adventure.

Honesty is very important to Sagittarians, which is why they are always honest with their environment and want exactly that from their environment.

Secure your plate chain with your constellation to gain your power.
  • Waterproof, does not fade
  • 18K gold plated
  • Metal: 316L stainless steel
  • Length: approx. 41cm + 6.5cm extension
  • Chain Type: Link Chain