Angel Wings Earrings | Your guardian angel on the go

These arespecial heart-shaped earrings with a crystal stone from Swarovski®. The stone is encircled bybeautiful angel wings.

Wearing these earrings will remind you that you are alwayscared forandlovedwill.

The beauty of these earrings goes far beyond theirtimeless design. They are lovingly crafted to shine, sparkle and always be aninspiration for the wearer.

  • Swarovski® crystal
  • Style: Heart-shaped angel wings with crystal stone from Swarovski®
  • Loving workmanship
  • Size of the earrings: 1.5cm * 1.4cm
  • Material: Rhodium-plated eco-friendly brass case
  • Every order comes in an exclusive Khalee Samo box

The angel wings are the symbol of lightness and purity. Angels leave their feathers to remind us that they are watching over us and helping us keep peace. Connected to the heart shape, which is the symbol of love, the earringsalso stand for goodness and love.