"MANDA" necklace by Khalee Samo

The "MANDA" necklace byKhalee Samo goes with every outfit and for every situation. It is quickly put on andalways looks great.

The chain is made of 925 sterling silver and consists of 2 parts which together form a beautiful necklace.

  • Necklace type: 2 link chains
  • Loving workmanship
  • Material: 925 sterling silver
  • 2 different colors to choose from
  • Length: outer chain 41cm, inner chain 34cm, + 5cm extension
  • Every order comes in an exclusive Khalee Samo box

Get the necklace now as an unforgettable gift for someone special or for yourself. You will surely receive compliments and beautiful looks.

Please note:
The delivery time is approx. 7-12 working days.

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